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Alta Aluminum Sunroom with a white metal railing leading to a backyard


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Custom made sunrooms can enhance any home or living area and provide a beautiful addition for year-round enjoyment. We will help design your space to fit your home, needs and budget.

Constructed with wood frame walls and clad in aluminum, our sunrooms are solid and stand up to all weather conditions. Our windows are unique in design with a large 6mm plate glass on the bottom two thirds and a slide on the top third. We use steel insulated all glass doors, insulated roof panels and acrylic light panels with an aluminum patio cover frame around  the perimeter complete with an extruded gutter. The walls are framed on-site while your custom windows and doors are fabricated at our manufacturing facility. Depending on the size of your enclosure, the entire project will normally be completed within 2 to 3 weeks.

If there is no existing deck or access to where you would like an enclosure area, our journeyman carpenter can construct a new deck to your specifications, and even install a new door system from your home to your new sunroom.

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